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I view the natural world in a unique and personal way. That allows me to make photographs about subjects and details that other people fail to notice. Photography is a means of self-expression. Part of it is the solitude I feel while scaling hills and mountains to find perfect vistas. Part of it is expressing my unique creative esthetic that only a camera can capture. But most of why I take photographs is that it’s been my creative compulsion from my earliest days. With a camera in my hand, I am free to memorialize a specific moment in time, as only I see it. It’s only with photography that we’re able to do that with such specific clarity.

My camera isn’t just a tool, it’s an extension of my soul as it breathes visual expression. The spectacle of nature’s majesty coupled with a prolonged exposure or a brisk camera movement, enables me to capture a single scene in a varied spectrum of ways. What other medium can boast that?

I find joy in the simplicity of my vision. My instinct is to find the beauty in a scene, and capture an image that is unique and pleasing to the eye. In the moment before I trigger the shutter, I assess the light, shapes, and patterns instinctually to deliver an image that is simple, yet elegant. I present my work as an unfiltered, honest, and a truthful representation of my vision, no matter the subject matter.